Shin Jaiya

Shin Jaiya

Shin Jaiya is a citizen of Dressrosa. She is the granddaughter of Shin Detamaruka.


Jaiya is a little girl with a long blonde hair in two pigtails, and brown eyes. She wears a blue long-sleeved dress with white collar. 


Shin Detamaruka

Jaiya was distraught when her grandmother was unable to get up and was left to be killed by the Birdcage, and cried with tears of joy when she got back up.


Dressrosa Saga

Dressrosa Arc

Jaiya and her grandmother ran from the Birdcage as Donquixote Doflamingo began closing it. Suddenly, Detamaruka fell and was unable to get back up. She told Jaiya to leave her and keep going, but Jaiya refused. They then listened to their former king, Riku Doldo III, encouraging everyone to keep staying alive and that there was hope, which caused Detamaruka to get back up. As she watched her grandmother ran at a very fast pace, Jaiya cried tears of joy.


  • Jaiya aspires to be a dancer.
  • Shinja Iya (死んじゃいや?) literally means “I don’t want you to die”.


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