Tarara is a dwarf from the Tontatta Kingdom.


Tarara is small in stature and has a large fluffy tail, a pointy nose, and round face. He wears a light-colored hat, sunglasses with circular lenses, and a light-colored coat that resembles a trench coat with prominent collar points.

In the Digitally Colored Manga, his hat is greenish-grey and his coat is blue.


Tarara was pleasant to Usopp and Nico Robin when the Tontatta thought they were descendants of Mont Blanc Noland, showing his gullibility.

Abilities and Powers

As a dwarf, Tarara has strength and speed that is superior to that of an average human. However, he has not been seen directly participating in any combat.


Tarara carries a spear on his back but has not been seen using it.


Dressrosa Arc

Tarara was present when Leo explained the Tontatta Tribe’s admiration of Mont Blanc Noland to Usopp and Robin. Tarara stood next to him and looked up smiling at the two pirates.

Anime and Manga Differences

In the anime equivalent of Chapter 713, Tarara is not shown standing next to Leo. A dwarf with glasses is shown looking at the Mont Blanc Noland statue soon after, though whether he’s intended to be Tarara is unclear.


  • Unlike most dwarves, his name was not revealed in an SBS, but was instead revealed in the One Piece Magazine Vol.2.
  • In his only appearance in the manga, Tarara’s tail is not visible. Because it is present in the character’s concept art, this might have been an uncorrected drawing error.


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