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Togare is a Fish-Man that lives in Coral Hill. In the manga, he was an unnamed background character, but he was given a name and his role was expanded slightly in the anime.


Togare is a bright-yellow-skinned fish-man with fuzzy dark brown hair. He wears a dark red cap and a light blue shirt with even lighter blue pattern.


He believed in the relocation of Fish-Man Island, as he provided his signature.

Abilities and Powers

As a Fish-Man, Togare is ten times stronger than an average human.


Togare was one of the shocked citizens who watched Hody’s speech about cleaning Fish-Man Island of all “traitors” who provided their signatures in support of the peaceful co-existence with humans.

In the anime Togare had a short flashback about giving his signature and his name was announced by Hody shortly after, much to Togare’s terror.


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