Tsurue Monnosuke

Tsurue Monnosuke

Tsurue Monnosuke is the machi-bugyō of the Flower Capital.


Monnosuke is an average-sized man with brown hair that is shaven to buzzcut at the top, but styled into a topknot at the back and forms wing-like curls on the sides. He wears a light blue kimono, light blue hakama and a dark blue vest.


Monnosuke is dedicated to his duties and was prepared to deal with the chaotic incident unfolding in the banquet hall.

Abilities and Powers

As the machi-bugyō, Monnosuke holds some political power and commands a group of samurai.


Monnosuke carries a sword.


Wano Country Saga

Wano Country Arc

Monnosuke led a group of samurai to quell the chaos in Shogun Orochi’s banquet hall, but was struck by Nami’s lightning attack. Later, he was present at Shimotsuki Yasuie’s execution and attempted to drive the Ebisu Town residents out of the Flower Capital.


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