Ushiano is a cattle Mink and the deputy commander of the West Army in the Revolutionary Army and the assistant of Morley.


Ushiano is a cattle mink with a very long neck, a pair of horns, skinny limbs and relatively thick lower body. He has spotted fur, akin to a Holstein cattle.

Ushiano wears an aviator helmet, a buttoned shirt, dark overalls and gloves and an armband on his left arm.


As a member of the Revolutionary Army, Ushiano has no qualms with challenging the World Government, especially with his status as an officer.

Ushiano appears to have a speech impediment and speaks in broken sentences.

Abilities and Powers

As a deputy commander within the Revolutionary Army, Ushiano has some degree of command over lower ranking revolutionaries, especially those within the West Army, where his authority is second only to his direct superior, Morley.

As a mink, Ushiano is capable of using Electro and can take a Sulong form under the gaze of a full moon.


Whole Cake Island Saga

Levely Arc

Ushiano was present on Momoiro Island with Belo Betty and Koala after the plan to infiltrate the Levely had been put into action.

Final Saga

Egghead Arc

Ushiano and the other deputy commanders watched a ship coming towards the coast and wondered if it was an enemy or Sabo returning. When he saw it was Sabo, Ushiano rejoiced.


  • Ushiano’s name appears to be a combination of the Japanese word for “bull” (ushi) and the suffix –iano commonly found in Italian masculine given names.


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