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Edison, also designated as Punk-03 (PUNK-03パンク スリー, Panku-Surī?), is one of the six satellites of Dr. Vegapunk, embodying his aspect of “thinking”.

He is a companion and ally to The Straw Hat Pirates during the Egghead Arc.


Edison is a small mechanical creature, being similar in size to a young child. His head is shaped like an American football with two appendages on top of it resembling rabbit ears or a power plug, and eyes bulging out of an opening in the front; the number 03 is branded on his forehead. Over his body, Edison wears a jacket which is green on the left side and white on the right; the kanji for “idea” (, ?) is printed on the right breast, and the left side has a pattern resembling a spear. Edison possesses metallic fingers, thin rod-like legs, and blocky feet.


Being designated the “thinking” satellite of Vegapunk, Edison is extremely energetic and constantly busy plotting new invention ideas and running experiments. This behavior even continues should dangerous situations arise, or danger be imminent as Edison was coming up with ideas when CP0 arrived at the Labophase to start their assassination on all Vegapunks. He frequently interjects with “Eureka!” whenever having an idea. Edison was shown to be taken aback toward Lilith’s violent tendencies and threats.

Edison also seems to care for Vegapunk’s allies, as Edison was worried that Stussy would become a target of the World Government should her true allegiance towards Vegapunk become known to the World Government and initially was unsure to contact her when CP0 came close to eliminate all Vegapunks.



While Vegapunk’s satellites all refer to themselves as Vegapunk, they each exemplify only one portion of Vegapunk’s personality, and all have their own wills and desires and are therefore effectively six unique people. While this normally isn’t an issue as Vegapunk is supposed to synchronize his brain with all of his satellites via Punk Records, York decided to betray Vegapunk and her fellow satellites in an effort to become a World Noble. Once her treachery was revealed, she was effectively treated as an enemy by Vegapunk and the other satellites.

Abilities and Powers

Being a satellite of Vegapunk, Edison has been a contributor to the genius scientist’s numerous technological developments, appearing to be primarily responsible for conceiving and mapping out details for new inventions.


Edison wears a jetpack on his back, allowing him to fly and hover in the air.


Final Saga

Egghead Arc

Edison was in a control room with Lilith and Pythagoras, monitoring the S-Shark Seraphim as it battled against some members of the Straw Hat Pirates. However, Edison repeatedly got distracted by new invention ideas and stepped away to plot and test them. Edison later proclaimed to have an idea when CP0 blocked off all exits and when Vegapunk contacted a secret ally of theirs, Stussy, he worryingly commented on their unsafe future and her targetization by the World Government should she accept to aid them, but then remarked their escape had now become easier than before. When the Seraphim later went to the Labophase on their own after CP0 arrived there, Edison alongside Lilith made their way outside to try to take over the authority over the Seraphim, and Edison later successfully made them stop attacking the Labophase after Lucci and Kaku were subdued by Stussy.

Edison later joined the Straw Hats, Stussy and the other satellites in the control room to start their search for the main Vegapunk after commenting on how they were able to repair Atlas.

Edison partners up with Brook and Nami to look for the Stella. In Tower A Floor 3, as they look around, Nami is sidetracked by diamonds, which Edison tells her they were manmade. As she is left in awe, Edison is left bewildered by their antics. Later, S-Shark attacked and knocked out Edison. Nami later held him in her arms telling him to “hang in there”. Edison later rejoined the rest of the surviving satellites, Vegapunk and the Straw Hats after they had captured the traitor York, though his prior injuries had not been repaired. Despite his injured state, he along with Vegapunk and Atlas attempted to crack the code that York placed on the Frontier Dome, being able to crack it successfully, much to York’s annoyance. Edison was later horrified when Kizaru suddenly showed up in the Control Room and got more surprised when he saw a giant Luffy grabbing Kizaru. When Vegapunk and Atlas traveled to the Fabriophase, Edison stayed behind and opened up the Frontier Dome for them.


  • Edison’s name may be based on Thomas Edison, an American inventor who is well-known known for inventing the first practical light bulb, gramophone, and the motion picture camera.
    • Edison’s name may also be based on Edison, the name of one of the Earth moon’s craters named after the real-world inventor. This trait is shared with fellow satellites Pythagoras and Atlas.
  • Edison has a tendency to shout “Eureka”, a famous interjection commonly associated with celebrating an invention or discovery. This is most famously attributed to the Ancient Greek mathematician and philosopher Archimedes
  • Edison is currently the only surviving male satellite.


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