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Lilith, also designated as Punk-02 (PUNK-02パンク ツー, Panku-Tsū?), is one of six satellites of Dr. Vegapunk, embodying his aspect of “evil”.

She is an ally of the Straw Hat Pirates during the Egghead Arc.


Lilith has the appearance of a young woman with wild light brown hair. She wears a pink full-body jumpsuit that bears her designation of Punk-02 on the left breast; she also wears a purple hooded coat, purple DOM shoes, black gloves, and a red aviator helmet. Like the other satellites, she wears an earpiece and antenna on her left ear which enables communication with Vegapunk’s other manifestations.


Being designated the “evil” satellite of Vegapunk, Lilith is the manifestation of Vegapunk’s ruthless and malevolent traits, thus coming off as a very deceptive and untrustworthy individual. She utilizes her technology and weaponry to steal from voyagers, chiefly pirates, who trespass on Egghead, justifying this to Shaka as necessary for the sake of keeping Vegapunk’s research operational. She also thought nothing of handing the Straw Hat Pirates to CP0, being fully aware that Rob Lucci was an assassin.

Lilith possesses a rash attitude and often acts impulsively, annoyed and derisively. For this reason, she is one of the most outgoingly combative and daring of the satellites, being eager to confront any perceived enemies directly and violently, although she has moments of clarity and will pull back in situations she cannot win. Lilith also hates being ordered around, especially by Shaka, her “good” counterpart whose exemplary behavior tends to constantly get under her skin.

Despite being “evil”, Lillith actually has a compassionate side. She cares about her fellow satellites, as she wanted to fight CP0 to avenge Atlas. She also was deeply worried when Edison almost got killed by S-Shark’s laser and relieved when Sanji saved him in time.

She uses the first-person pronoun washi (わし?), which is usually associated with old men in fiction. She also uses stereotypical elderly speech patterns such as the copula ja (じゃ?).



While Vegapunk’s satellites all refer to themselves as Vegapunk, they each exemplify only one portion of Vegapunk’s personality, and all have their own wills and desires and are therefore effectively six unique people. While this normally isn’t an issue as Vegapunk is supposed to synchronize his brain with all of his satellites via Punk Records, York decided to betray Vegapunk and her fellow satellites in an effort to become a World Noble. Once her treachery was revealed, she was effectively treated as an enemy by Vegapunk and the other satellites.


She and Shaka have a rivalry toward each other due to being the “Evil” and “Good” Vegapunk respectively. However, Lilith cared for Shaka, mourning his death due to York’s betrayal.


Lilith cares for Edison, as seen when she mourned for his “death” after York’s betrayal even though he was merely injured.


Lilith cared for Pythagoras, mourning his death due to York’s betrayal.


Once York’s betrayal was revealed, Lilith became furious at her, referring to her as a traitor.

Abilities and Powers

Being one of six manifestations of the genius scientist Vegapunk, Lilith has contributed to his numerous technological advances and breakthroughs. Despite the technology and weaponry at her disposal, Lilith was cautioned by Shaka that she was not equipped to take on Roronoa Zoro and Nico Robin, two members of an Emperor’s crew with bounties around 1 billion, in combat.

Engineering Expertise

Lilith has made heavy use of mechas and cybernetically enhanced animals to aid her in combat. She pilots a giant mecha called the Vegaforce-01, which is extremely large to the point of being able to carry the Thousand Sunny in its hands. The Vega Force is able to move underwater and unleash explosions when it punches. Additionally, Lilith has power over Sea Beasts that she has turned into cyborgs. These Sea Beasts are equipped with numerous weapons, with an example being the Mecha-Shark having a torpedo launcher in its mouth. This army of cyborg creatures allows Lilith to easily surround and overwhelm ships sailing the sea, enabling her to loot them. However, she has had issues with achieving programming to completely override the organic urges of the creatures, which limits her ability to have them do exactly what she wants; Shaka himself would also note that any equipment, weaponry and modified Sea Beasts at Lilith’s disposal would be useless against a swordsman of Zoro’s caliber.


Lilith wields a large futuristic-looking gun, called a Bubble Gun (バブルガン, Baburugan?) because it shoots bubbles that are capable of deflecting any attacks. These bubbles, called Bubble Balls (バブルボール, Baburubōru?), are made of a special material containing sea energy, meaning they also serve as a weakness for Devil Fruit users.


Final Saga

Egghead Arc

When the Straw Hat Pirates drew near to Egghead on the Thousand Sunny, the Mecha-Shark went to attack them. With the shark’s primal urges overriding its programming and threatening to completely annihilate the crew’s possessions, Lilith went underwater in the Vegaforce-01 and took it down before lifting the Sunny back above water. Lilith then exited the Vega Force and introduced herself as Dr. Vegapunk, to general confusion. Lilith informed the pirates that she did not rescue them, but rather spared them from the Mecha-Shark so she could rob them of their valuables. She summoned her army of weaponized Sea Beasts to surround the Straw Hats, ordering them to surrender to her their valued possessions at once, but then received a call from fellow satellite Shaka who informed her she had blundered in her antagonism of the pirates, pointing out that they were poised to target and overwhelm her if they retaliate much to Lilith’s dismay, embarrassed that she overlooked something that could have easily led to her downfall. Roronoa Zoro told Lilith to play nice, and Shaka told his counterpart to bring the pirates to him as he has interest with the Straw Hats.

Though not very pleased about this slipped opportunity, Lilith complied with Shaka’s request and used Vegaforce-01 to transport the Sunny towards Egghead into the upper part of the island, the research laboratory. She then led the Straw Hats, minus Brook and Zoro, into the lab while explaining its technological specialties. She did this, however, purposefully as she made contact with Edison and she, alongside Edison and Pythagoras, unleashed the Seraphim S-Shark onto the Straw Hats to test its fight capabilities and qualities. However, their test run was soon ended by Shaka, displeasing especially Lilith who was furious at his second interference in her meddlings.

When Pythagoras informed Shaka that a World Government ship with CP0 onboard was arriving at Egghead, Lilith suggested handing the pirates over to Rob Lucci. However, when Lucci suspiciously pointed out several World Government ships went missing lately, Lilith annoyingly and impulsively told the group to dock at Egghead and see for themselves, ignoring Pythagoras who was against her impulsiveness. When both the CP0-squad and the Seraphim effectively landed on Egghead, Lilith was excited at the prospect of fighting them, wanting to avenge Atlas who got damaged previously by Lucci. She then mentioned taking everyone to the port with Vegaforce-01 after Vegapunk’s secret ally confirmed their support, and when both CP0 and the Seraphim landed on the Labophase, Lilith made her way out alongside Edison to issue a personal command to stop the Seraphim from attacking the Labophase, later being able to successfully make her way outside, but is then targeted by S-Hawk before she can issue a command. However, the attack is blocked by Zoro, and everybody is saved by Edison who commands the Seraphim to stop.

Lilith would later meet up with everybody inside the Laboratory when the main Vegapunk body, Stella, went missing. She would pair up with Usopp, Franky and York, searching inside Tower C. Inside the tower, the group would end up finding Pythagoras’s body without his head, having been separated by a previous explosion. Lilith grew impatient with Pythagoras when he freaked out about who attacked him before she turned to York who was turned into stone by S-Snake. Lilith tried to stop her, however, she had to jump off the bridge alongside Pythagoras, Franky and Usopp when they were shot by S-Snake. She then brushed off Franky’s suggestion to directly fight the Seraphim after effortlessly trying to contact Shaka, stating they could not beat S-Snake. Lilith later pulled out her bubble gun, revealing a significant weakness the Seraphim have which her bubble gum could exploit: Sea energy.

However, her bubbles barely missed S-Snake who seducingly tricked Franky into releasing a bubble he held onto her from her and then used her Devil Fruit powers to petrify both Lilith and Usopp, The petrification was later lifted as Lilith was seen having joined the other surviving satellites, Vegapunk and the Straw Hats after they had restrained the traitor York. In order to help their escape from the Marines that had surrounded Egghead, Lilith came along with Luffy, Franky and Jewelry Bonney to both the Thousand Sunny and Vegaforce-01, with Vegapunk having ordered Lilith specifically to pilot Vegaforce-01. When the Vegaforce-01 is destroyed, Franky has Lilith pilot his General Franky instead.


  • Lilith’s name may be based on Lilith is the name of a figure in Mesopotamian and Judaic mythology, with accounts and interpretations generally depicting her as a primordial demon, which reflects her embodiment of Dr. Vegapunk’s “evil”.
    • Lilith’s name may also be based on 1181 Lilith, the name of an asteroid located within the Solar System’s asteroid belt. The asteroid’s name is based on that of French composer, Marie-Juliette Olga Lili Boulanger, whose byname “Lili” is based on Lilith’s namesake.


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