Vinsmoke Sora

Vinsmoke Sora

For other characters of the same name, see Sora (Disambiguation).

Vinsmoke Sora was the queen of the Germa Kingdom, the wife of Vinsmoke Judge and the mother of Vinsmoke Reiju, Vinsmoke Ichiji, Vinsmoke Niji, Sanji and Vinsmoke Yonji who died sometime during Sanji’s childhood.


Sora was a pale-skinned young woman with wavy shoulder-length blonde hair that had a tuft covering her right eye and dark-blue eyes. Her hairstyle and her overall facial features bear great resemblance to those of her daughter, Vinsmoke Reiju. She wore a blue long-sleeved dress with frills and no shoes.

When she was pregnant with her quadruplet sons, Sora had longer hair, pink lipstick and she wore a white short-sleeved dress with frills and pink shoes.

Sora’s concept art from the anime.

Sora when she was pregnant with her quadruplet sons.


Sora was a very kind and caring woman with great strength of character where she loved her children and was fiercely protective of them, believing that they should grow up with normal human emotions and not as cold killing machines. As a result, she did everything in her power to resist her husband’s experiments on their sons, to the point of sacrificing her own life.

Sora deeply cherished compassion and doted in particular on Vinsmoke Reiju and Sanji, the only two of her children to exhibit empathy and compassion, in order to encourage these traits. She could also be very emotional, as she readily burst into tears when recounting Sanji’s well wishes to Reiju and Époni.


Vinsmoke Judge

Sora and her husband Vinsmoke Judge had conflicting ideals, which were complicated by their positions as the monarchic rulers of the warmongering Germa Kingdom. While Judge wanted to endow their sons with surgical enhancements that would give them superhuman power to wage and win wars, Sora did not want it to cost them their humanity. Ultimately, Judge forced her to undergo the surgery, and Sora, maintaining her opposition, took a drug to counteract the surgery and eventually succumbed to its after-effects.

After Sora passed away, Judge wished to move on from her way of doing things as he saw no merit and nothing to be gained by continuing the legacy of a deceased person and did not want his children to emulate her kind actions. In modifying the Lineage Factor of their quadruplet sons against her will, and then neglecting and discarding Sanji (their only son to live up to Sora’s efforts), Judge effectively trampled on Sora’s wishes.


Sora loved all of her children and it was this love which motivated her to risk her own life. While she was pregnant with their four sons, she took a drug that was intended to counteract the effects of the genetic modification surgery Vinsmoke Judge would ultimately force her to undergo. However, the drug failed to work on Vinsmoke Ichiji, Vinsmoke Niji and Vinsmoke Yonji, leaving Sanji as the only one capable of experiencing empathy.

While not much is known about her relationship with Ichiji, Niji and Yonji, Sora’s love was reciprocated by Vinsmoke Reiju and Sanji, both of whom would occasionally visit her in the medical ward. Sora doted in particular on Sanji due to the latter’s kindness and compassion. She ate his poorly-made food (which tasted disgusting) with a smile and praised him as the “sweetest boy in the world” when he told her his hopes for her quick recovery. During Reiju’s visits, Sora would proudly share with her daughter stories about Sanji’s emotional growth.

After Sora’s passing, Sanji continued to develop his cooking skills and decided to become a cook in her memory. An adult Reiju also continues to recall memories of her mother with great fondness while harboring great anger and resentment towards Judge for contributing directly to Sora’s death. However, this resentment does not seem to extend to her brothers. When Sanji finally learned from Reiju the reason for their mother’s early death, Sanji was horrified and began to blame himself, but Reiju stopped him by telling him that Sora had no regrets about her choice.

Abilities and Powers

As queen consort of the Germa Kingdom, Sora had authority over its citizens before her death, although her command appeared to be second to that of her husband’s. She also had enough scientific knowledge to procure and consume a drug to counteract genetic enhancement surgery on her unborn children, although the drug had lethal side effects which caused irreversible damage to her health.



At some point in the past, Sora married Vinsmoke Judge, thereby becoming queen of the Germa Kingdom. Twenty-four years ago, she later gave birth to their first and only daughter named Vinsmoke Reiju and she soon became pregnant with quadruplet sons (Vinsmoke Ichiji, Vinsmoke Niji, Sanji and Vinsmoke Yonji) three years later.

Before their sons were born, Sora argued with her husband about giving them genetic modifications and she was against him turning their sons into emotionless beings, but Judge was only concerned with giving them the physical power and emotional coldness to fight and win wars. Sora was eventually forced to undergo surgery, but she took a drug that was intended to counteract the effects of the surgery. However, the drug she took only affected Sanji while weakening her health to the point of death. Despite this, Sora had no regrets and was immensely overjoyed and proud whenever Sanji showed signs of kindness.

In her final years, Sora was bedridden in the Germa Kingdom’s medical ward where she was attended to by Époni. On one occasion, Sanji visited his mother and gave her a meal that he had prepared for her. Even though it looked and tasted terrible, she ate the meal and said it was delicious. On another occasion, Sanji told her that he hoped she would recover soon, leaving her in tears. Sora was also regularly visited by Reiju, to whom Sora would often speak happily about Sanji and his continued emotional growth.

Sora died over 13 years ago prior to the Germa Kingdom’s invasion of Cozia in the East Blue.


Despite Vinsmoke Judge considering Sora’s values to be worthless to the point that he scorned their third son for upholding her legacy, Sanji’s kindness and compassion would ironically prove crucial in saving the Vinsmoke Family from being assassinated by the Big Mom Pirates in the future. Despite all the suffering his father and brothers caused him, Sanji still chose to save his family due to having the kindness Sora cherished and valued so much. Vinsmoke Reiju was also extremely moved by the lengths Sanji would go to save their family, despite the cruelty they had shown him.

However, despite her efforts, Sanji later developed the same modifications as his brothers during the raid on Onigashima due to repeatedly wearing the Raid Suit he had been given. Refusing to let his mother’s efforts be in vain, Sanji destroyed the Raid Suit to prevent himself from possibly becoming an emotionless monster like his brothers.

Anime and Manga Differences

During Sanji and Vinsmoke Reiju’s flashbacks, Sora’s grave is shown where the gravestone has a different design and inscription in the anime.

Sora’s grave in the manga.

Sora’s grave in the anime.

During a visit from Reiju in the manga, she was also clad in a dark royal cape, similar to the ones her children wear on formal occasions. In the anime, she only wore her hospital gown.


  • Sora shares her name and merit with the fictional protagonist of the comic Sora, Warrior of the Sea, who stood against Germa 66 for good in his comic strip.
  • When Sora ate Sanji’s food that was ruined, she complimented that it was delicious out of kindness and gratitude for Sanji’s compassion. When Sanji met Monkey D. Luffy outside of the castle at the place he promised him to meet, Luffy ate the ruined bento box Sanji brought and, like Sora, stated it was genuinely delicious.
  • Kristen McGuire (Sora’s English voice actress) is engaged to Clifford Chapin (Vinsmoke Yonji’s English voice actor).


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