Waruno Furishiro

Waruno Furishiro

Waruno Furishiro is a man who manages weapon production orders on behalf of Kurozumi Orochi in the Flower Capital of Wano Country.


Furishiro is an elderly man with a bald head, a long gray beard and a short mustache. He wears a red kimono, a golden decorated stole and beads around his neck.


Furishiro acts as an intermediary for weapon production, but is self-conscious about being called “evil”. He is secretly frustrated with the current state of Wano Country and shed tears while expressing his true feelings at the Fire Festival.

Abilities and Powers

Furishiro is somewhat perceptive as he noticed when he was being spied on.


He used a naginata to attack Nami and Shinobu through the wooden ceiling.



Wano Country Arc

Furishiro met with the weapon merchant Akudai Kanzaburo to deliver the newest list of orders. During the meeting, they noticed Nami and Shinobu spying on them through the ceiling and chased after the kunoichi with naginata.

Furishiro later took part in the Fire Festival celebrations and expressed his regret at having to live under Orochi and Kaidou’s rule.


  • His name is likely a pun on waru no furi (悪のフリ), meaning “pretending to be evil”.


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