Wheel is the prince of South Fire Kingdom. He accompanied his father Jeep to the Levely.


Wheel is a slightly stock young man with high cheekbones, small ears, small eyes, and a high forehead with hair pulled up into a pompadour style. Overall, he bears a great physical resemblance to his father Jeep.

He wears a fancy coat decorated with a rose in its left breast. He also sports a sash hanging from his right shoulder across his torso.


Wheel holds the mermaid princess in high regard because of her beauty and tried to get acquainted with her through his father.

Wheel appears to be cowardly, as he panicked and ran away from Charlos and his slave as they attempted to claim Shirahoshi.

Abilities and Powers

Wheel is the prince of a nation affiliated with the World Government, meaning he holds significant political power.


Whole Cake Island Saga

Levely Arc

At the Socializing Plaza, Jeep tried to set up Wheel with Shirahoshi. Wheel praised her appearance but was interrupted by Furrari, who was also trying to introduce his son to the Mermaid Princess. However, Shirahoshi rejected all her suitors, causing Jeep to express that she had made them lose face, leading to Fukaboshi hurriedly trying to calm the royals to avoid further hurting them and starting an incident.

Later, Wheel panicked and ran away when Charlos attempted to capture Shirahoshi.


  • Wheel’s name references his father Jeep, giving them both an automobile theme.


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